Online consumers scammed by rogue companies

Online consumers scammed by rogue companies

Recently reported in Spain they have been a few arrests regards to road businesses online who are sending consumers parcels of salt.

If father in Spain, Malaga, 52 years old along with his two children were accused of selling online products which were electronic on a legitimate looking website and it failing to deliver once the transaction was made.


Instead of having mobile phones and game consoles delivered, consumers and she received packets of salt or heavy parcels which contained bricks.

Things like this should not be taken lightly as customers are losing their hard earned money. Authorities should be stepping in to put an end to all of these scammers.

The trouble with these scammers is the fact that they do look legitimate so its hard to tell a legit shop apart a scammer. One of the things we can do to check is to call the company, usually scammers will not leave their real or any contact number.

Something else you can do is to see if there is a physical address, scammers will not put an address on their website for obvious reasons.

Most places to shop online are perfectly safe and you will not have any issues dealing with them, but it is always worth looking out for the few rogue companies out there.

What to consider when purchasing electronic products online

What to consider when purchasing electronic products online

As online shopping grows more and more, we look to get the best possible deal we can when using these online platforms for purchasing of our everyday goods. We buy things such as our groceries, cars, holidays, and even arranging special occasions. All of these purchases are either started online, or completed fully online.

There are always things to consider when buying goods or services online and these are;

Shipping costs. One thing that I always look out and buy a product online is how much it will cost to get to me. Shipping cost is usually a small amount that you need to pay although there has been occasions where I am shopping for a low priced item and the shipping cost actually is more than the price of the product that I am buying. Most online retailers will give you an option where shipping will cost you a certain amount and if you are purchasing an item, all items which go over the value of a certain son, then shipping will be free. Would this encourages people to do is to buy more goods and it would actually need just to get free shipping. It works!

Customer reviews. Something I always look at when buying anything from Amazon is customer reviews. This is basically taken the risk away from yourself because someone else has bought the product already before you and they have left a review. Most the time these reviews are true but sometimes they can be faked. What you need to look for when reading reviews is where it says “verified purchase”.


The warranty or guarantee. When buying a product online, especially the higher priced items, I always look to see how much warranty I will get. Warrant he will safeguard you encase your product is damaged or is faulty. For example when purchasing a treadmill I always want to make sure that the warranty on this treadmill is at least five years, especially if I am spending a large summer money.

So these are The basic things that you need to look out for when purchasing anything online. As the online shopping grows so does the risk on you as a consumer so with that said be careful and shop away! There are certain websites that review products online so you can check before you buy, if you are in France its – in Spain its



Do men shop online more than women?

Do men shop online more than women?

Without being sexist, it was always the case that women like to shop more than men. I myself am in this very situation where my other half loves to shop and I honestly hate to shop.

According to recent sales trends which is actually a report published by an online shopping platform called Snapdeal, it seems that men have actually bought 2 and a 1/2 times more than women in 2015.

The shopping in question here was for product related to personal grooming electronics. With regards to fragrances men actually lose against women as women seem to buy three times more than men. These are perfume is usually.

This is actually a growing trend which is across a variety of categories with most of the product that I purchased online or by men. Is it because men have more trust when buying online and women like to actually see and feel and touch and hold their products?


It has always been the case that men do you like to find an easy way to do almost anything you can think of, and this of course includes shopping. My view on is that men like to shop online because it saves them getting in the car driving to the shop looking at loads of different items and then picking one to buy.

The Simple & Secure Way To Buy Products Online

Buying anything online scares a lot of people, and rightly so. If there are banks and utility companies who have had their servers hacked, then the question is “are we really safe?”

Then you can also look at simple things like “if I walk across the road, do I risk being run over by a bus?”. While this is a small possibility, it is not something that has stopped many of us from going out.

Likewise, hackers should not stop you from shopping online.


In truth, shopping online today is much more safer than it was 5  years ago.

Credit card companies, as well as Banks and merchants like Paypal have gotten more and more security protocols to help their consumers en-still further trust. I mean, the more we trust them, the more we are likely to buy from them, hence making them richer!

Paypal have been known to almost always side with the buyer in most disputes, so thats always reassuring to know.Asda-online-shopping

Credit card companies all are competing very hard so we become their customers’ and so in harsh situations, they are known to give you a level of protection against fraud of any kind and will re-reimburse funds which you have lost.

These are some of the reasons why it is very safe to shop online. As with anything, make sure you dont make silly mistakes like write down your bank/Paypal password where it can be seen or keep it “remembered” on your laptop or PC. The reason for this is, if it gets stolen then guess what? Thats right! The theif now has all of your personal information as well as access to your money.

As far as PC security goes, it almost goes without saying, make sure you password-protect it. For the few seconds it takes to enter your password, it is always a good idea to keep it on and activated.


PC Game Hack

How to Hack PC Games?

Disclaimer: I do not condone piracy. Makers of any software products spend a lot of time and effort in producing them so you can enjoy them. They should not be pirated!

There are many ways to hack PC games if you know how!

You can buy cracking software – or if you are really evil you could pirate the software so that you can crack games.

How do cracked games work?

You download the game which is either ripped by someone from the original game or you download an already cracked version of it.

To play cracked games, you open up the game cracker and most hackers are good as they give you the means to crack the game with a few simple steps. Usually this involves locating or replace a file in the game folder.

pc game hack

Sometimes you could get a cracked game with a keygen. A keygen is a piece of software which generates random keys – these are your serial/security keys.

So once again, if you can afford to buy the software or game, please dont pirate/hack it.

Online Shopping

Changing the way we shop online as well as off-line.

With websites like Amazon and eBay, the way consumers are shopping is changing rapidly. Previously we were forced to physically visit a shop where now we have the option of buying online.

When buying online we often save money purely because we do not have to pay for the overheads that we would in a physical shop.

Sam 35 years old from London does not like to shop online he is one of the many people who are old-fashioned and prefer actually visiting a brick and mortar store. There is nothing wrong with that because many people still like to have the experience of touch and feel of the product before they buy.

More and more people nowadays are converting to being online shoppers or online consumers.

Henry 27 from Southampton actually prefers buying his products online.




There are many people like Henry, and growing ever so rapidly, the professional being online. Whether it’s for clothes, jewellery, kitchen appliances or electrical goods everything is available online and usually at a discounted price.

Studies show that there are currently a small amount of around 10 to 20% of the UK population who actually prefer a brick and mortar store over shopping online but as the numbers show that the vast majority of people actually prefer the convenience of shopping online from the comfort of their home.

When buying products online, it is often asked how do you try on a piece of clothing or how do you know what the product actually looks like. To answer these questions, online retailers make it really easy firstly if you don’t like the product you can send it back, more often than not, at the cost of the seller. Reviews of the product where a customer has actually bought the product and has reviewed it, will validate the quality of the product. On Amazon you can usually read these reviews and verify that the product you are looking to purchase is indeed a quality product.

It’s because online retailers have made it so easy that people are actually becoming lazy and starting to shop online rather than visiting brick and mortar stores.

The way I see it, in the next 50 years there will be very little shopping in physical stores and most of retail outlets will be making their revenue online.